Augmented and Virtual Reality Platform

The Teleportal Platform is built for creators.

We built a suite of tools and services that make it intuitive to create great spatial software.

Teleportal provides the building blocks.

3D data management systems, auto-scaling servers, multi-user networks, geolocation tools, voice chat and more.

Teleportal works on any device.

Automatic support for iOS (ARKit), Android (ARCore), Oculus, Vive, PC, Mac, Magic Leap, Web, and more.

Teleportal renders everywhere.

The Teleportal Platform includes deep client-side integration with Unity and ThreeJS, and is renderer-agnostic.

Teleportal synchronizes everything in real-time.

Objects are interactive and persist across sessions, and Users are localized in physical space.

Teleportal Services bridge your app to the Web.

Physical (IoT) devices and web APIs easily connect with your app via the Teleportal Network.

Get started building with Teleportal.